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ACTIV’IMMO presents an alliance of professional property sector passion and an intimate knowledge of the local Tarentaise and Haute Tarentaise market.

It is precisely because all property projects and clients are unique that we are devoted to providing personalised support.

Our choice to be independent real estate agents is motivated by our ambition to place the client at the heart of everything we do, your purchase or sale as well as the management of your property assets have never been more important.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a confidential, bespoke service.

The property market is changing, we have exclusive access to a selection of exceptional assets which are not presented on our website or in other communication media with a view to ensuring absolute discretion and confidentiality.

We are standing by and ready to assist with all your projects, be they housing or commercial or land and new-build programmes throughout the 3 Vallées, Tarentaise and Haute Tarentaise sectors.


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